Example Scope of Work



  • Patch all the walls and trim in preparation for paint.  Paint the entire interior per our discussion.
  • Fix/replace the outlets/covers as necessary (ensure matching colors and styles).
  • Fix/replace all switches/switch-plate covers as necessary (ensure matching colors and styles).
  • Clean/scrape all windows and ensure proper operation.  Replace all non-functioning windows.
  • Reversed ground/neutral in most of the upstairs outlets.
  • Electrical issue (no outlet power) in all bedrooms and all master baths (short or improper wiring?).
  • Use all entry doors in best condition to replace all closet door(s).
  • Replace all room entry doors with new 6-panel door(s).
  • Remove all window screens from living room, dining room, and kitchen windows.


  • Remove and frame all existing door to outside; replace with all picture windows, finish with sheetrock and trim on inside, and vinyl siding on outside. Keep all existing cabinet/countertop configuration.
  • Replace all cabinets.
  • Replace all countertops.
  • Tile all backsplash behind counters.
  • Replace all sink faucets.
  • Replace sink faucet with a gooseneck faucet for a more modern look.
  • Install garbage disposal.
  • Replace all appliances (stove, microwave, fridge, dishwasher).
  • Replace all light fixtures.
  • Replace all flooring with ceramic tile and level floor as necessary (may have subfloor issues).

Dining Room

  • Replace all light fixtures.
  • Fix or replace all windows (not seated properly).
  • Replace all carpet with laminate hardwood.
  • If possible, use chair-rail trim removed from Living Room and put around Dining Room.

Living Room

  • Remove the paneling and chair-rail trim (use trim in dining room if possible).
  • Replace all paneling with sheetrock.
  • Add baseboards.
  • Replace the front entry door and remove storm door.
  • Replace the back entry door.
  • Replace all carpeting with laminate hardwood (including Living Room closet).
  • Pressure wash fireplace.
  • Replace light/fan combo with fan only.
  • Install 6 cans recessed lighting (on separate switch from fan)


  • Remove the entry door.
  • Replace the carpet with new carpet.
  • Patch the ceiling (next to attic door).
  • Replace the light fixture.
  • Replace the AC filter.

Hallway Bathroom

  • Replace the floor with ceramic tile (maybe subfloor issues).
  • Replace the toilet.
  • Replace the vanity/sink.
  • Mount the mirror and frame with trim.
  • Replace the light fixture.
  • Resurface the tub.
  • Clean the tiles.
  • Replace the shower water knobs (hot/cold water).

Laundry Room

  • Replace the vinyl flooring.
  • Use the quarter-round baseboard to hide cracks between vinyl and baseboards.
  • Replace the bi-fold door (include tracks, if necessary) and replace hardware on doors.
  • Move the cabinet up 8” and paint cabinet.

Bedroom #1

  • Replace the carpet with new carpet.
  • Replace the fan/light.
  • Fix the vent boot and/or replace cover.
  • Install the new light switch.

Bedroom #2

  • Replace the carpet with new carpet.
  • Replace the fan/light.
  • Replace the broken window.

Master Bedroom

  • Replace the carpet with new carpet.
  • Replace the fan/light.
  • New bi-fold doors on closet.

Master Bathroom

  • Replace the toilet.
  • Remove the vanity above toilet.
  • Replace the vanity/sink.
  • Frame the mirror with trim.
  • Replace the light fixture.
  • Replace the floor with ceramic tile.
  • Use the same ceramic tile in shower and on shower walls.
  • Replace the shower frame and door.
  • Replace the shower water knobs (hot/cold water).

Existing Issues

  • Clean all evidence of mold and treat with Biocide where appropriate.
  • Install Garage Door Opener.
  • Paint cinder block walls and floors to remove graffiti.  Perhaps put down an epoxy to seal from moisture.
  • Remove top layer of soil from dirt pile (if it has mold) and cover with vapor barrier.
  • Frame and seal off dirt area (paneling or sheetrock), leaving entryway door or alternate entryway.
  • Replace door to electrical panel (if you can just get the door, not the whole box).

Finish-Unfinished Basement Space

  • Frame and Sheetrock two new rooms and stairwell.
  • Add drop ceilings in offices and sheetrock ceiling in bedroom.
  • Cage off water heater.
  • Box the duct work (To make a finished look).
  • Carpet in rooms.
  • Baseboard in rooms.
  • Install light fixtures, outlets, switch-plates.
  • Replace exit door with windowed-door.
  • Secure handrail on basement stairs.


  • Remove TV antenna.
  • “Tuck in” aluminum flashing/siding between the roof levels.  Ensure that there are no gaps. If possible, improve appearance of aluminum flashing.
  • Clean the gutters.

Front Steps and Deck

  • Replace steps (just treads, not stringer) leading up to front door.
  • Secure and align handrails on either side of steps.
  • Replace front porch with new decking boards (may not be necessary, your discretion).
  • Replace railing around front deck as necessary for safety/aesthetics.
  • Stain front deck/steps.

Exterior Siding/Trim

  • Fix any damaged or poorly sealed trim around the garage, doors, windows, etc.
  • Fix any damaged vinyl siding.
  • Paint Exterior (3-color scheme as discussed).

Pool/Deck Area

  • Demo pool and most of deck surrounding pool.
  • Demo side deck coming off kitchen.
  • Replace boards with new decking boards (salvage as much frame as possible).
  • Move Jacuzzi onto remaining deck (?)
  • Repair Jacuzzi frame as necessary (?)
  • Replace Jacuzzi top (?)
  • Add motion sensor light outside kitchen (to replace existing light).
  • Add picket railing around entire deck.
  • Salvage planter boxes and place in deck corners.
  • Stain back steps/decks.

Kitchen Door/Window

  • Replace vinyl siding below window where door previously was.
  • Trim as necessary.