House-Flipping Calculator

Property address: _________________________________________

1.Purchase price:  
2.Rehab costs (“holdback”): 10% of purchase price
3.Total costs: Purchase price + rehab costs
4.Loan amount: 65% of ARV
5.Loan proceeds: Loan amount – rehab cost
6.Money to close: Purchase price – loan proceeds
7.Loan costs (“Points”): 3% of loan amount
8.Closing costs: 1% Purchase Price (PP)
9.Initial Capital: #6 + #7 + #8
10.Projected sales price: After repaired value (“ARV”)
11.Escrow costs: 1% of sales price
12.Realtor’s) commissions: 5% of sales price
13.Mortgage payments: 1% of loan amount
14.Insurance: $75 per month (average) x 4 months
15.Property taxes: 0.011 of sales price x 4 months
16.Loan amount: (see above)
17.Initial capital: (see above)
18.Total costs: (lines 11-17 added together)
19.NET PROFIT: Sales price – total costs
20.Cash on cash return annually Net profit/initial capital
21.Cash on cash return 4 months Line #20 multiplied by 3 (for 4 months)